Screens 5.2 for Vision Pro Now Available

We’d like to share some exciting news with you regarding Screens 5.2, which is now available, featuring a brand new native Vision Pro version.

Screens on Vision Pro brings an unparalleled level of functionality to remote computing. Similar to the experience on a Mac, this version allows users to seamlessly manage multiple connections simultaneously. The connection windows packed with useful features, with not one but two toolbars for quick access to essential shortcuts and commands, enhancing productivity with just a glance and a pinch.

Moreover, Screens introduces intuitive gesture controls for effortless cursor control of your remote computer:

  • Pinch and move your hand to control the cursor
  • Pinch for a click
  • Double pinch for a double-click
  • Pinch and rotate with two hands for a secondary click
  • Pinch and move with two hands for smooth scrolling

As on iPad, Screens 5.2 for Vision Pro also fully supports hardware keyboards and pointing devices, making it the ultimate Screen Sharing client app on Vision Pro.

One other significant enhancement in Screens 5.2 is the introduction of a new rendering engine, addressing previous issues associated with OpenGL dependency, which is not available on visionOS. This new engine not only resolves those challenges but also delivers noticeable performance improvements, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience.

Screens 5.2 is also available on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS and also introduces some improvements as well:

  • Easily declutter your interface by hiding unused sections.
  • Organize library items based on connection count for better organization.
  • The Spotlight shortcut now automatically brings up the virtual keyboard. (iOS)
  • Configure Screens to use ⌘-\ on your hardware keyboard for seamless app switching, bypassing iOS limitations with ⌘-Tab. (iOS)
  • Optimize your experience with specific codecs for PC connections.
  • Customize image compression quality for each connection to suit your needs.
  • Create and delete your Screens ID directly from the app instead of going on our website.

Notably, Screens on Vision Pro is included in all our subscription plans, including the Lifetime option. Our subscription plans are structured as follows:

  • Annual: $24.99/year
  • Monthly: $2.99/month
  • Lifetime (no subscription): $79

You can check out Screens on the App Store or on our website.