Dropbox Support Ends in Screens 5.2

After conducting a user poll on (Mastodon, X) and analyzing our anonymized data, which revealed that only 0.001% of our users utilize Dropbox, we have made the decision to discontinue support for Dropbox starting with Screens 5.2, scheduled for release this spring.

In fact, Dropbox has not been offered as a sync option since Screens 5.1.3, except for existing users who were already using Dropbox.

Some History…

Our initial decision to support Dropbox dates back to Screens 3, as Apple’s policy at that time did not permit apps sold outside of the Mac App Store to utilize iCloud. This restriction was lifted in 2016 with the introduction of macOS Sierra, enabling all signed apps to access iCloud and other previously unavailable APIs.

Given the minimal usage of Dropbox among our user base, we have determined that it will be permanently removed for all users with the launch of Screens 5.2 later this spring.

How to Migrate your Data

To smoothly migrate your data, we suggest utilizing the Import/Export feature already integrated into the Screens 5 app settings:

  1. Open Screens 5 and navigate to the app settings.
  2. Choose “General.”
  3. Ensure that Dropbox is chosen as the sync method.
  4. Select “Export.”
  5. Save the resulting archive.
  6. Pick a new sync method, either iCloud or Local Storage.
  7. Click on “Import.”
  8. Locate and select the archive you just exported.
  9. Open the selected archive.

Screens will then migrate all your data that was previously on Dropbox to the new location.

Exciting Updates Ahead!

With our focus shifting to iCloud sync, we’ll be working on enhancing data synchronization and introducing new features like sharing. Stay tuned for more details, coming later this year!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!