Screens 5 for iPad now on Vision Pro

Screens 5 is now accessible on Vision Pro in iPad compatibility mode. We wanted to try it on an actual Vision Pro device first to ensure optimal performance. We’ve made specific adjustments for Vision Pro, and yes, we’re working on a native version. More on this below!

Multiple Windows Support

As depicted in the screenshot above, you can have multiple sessions open simultaneously! To do this, simply pinch and hold on an item, then select “Open in New Window”.

Trackpad Mode

During our testing on Vision Pro, it became evident that touch mode was not optimal for the device. Therefore, Trackpad mode will be the preferred method for controlling the remote cursor on Vision Pro.

The supported gestures are as follows:

  • Pinch and move your hand around to move the cursor.
  • Pinch to click.
  • Double-pinch to double-click.
  • Pinch with 2 hands for a secondary-click (right-click).
  • Pinch with 2 hands and move up, down, left or right to scroll content.

Please note that 3-finger gestures are not supported at this time. You’ll find equivalent shortcuts in the interactive toolbar.

Screens 5 for visionOS

We’re diligently crafting a native version of Screens, and it’s going to be phenomenal! Keep an eye out for our public beta launching in the next few weeks. Follow us on Mastodon or that other social network to join the action as soon as it’s live!

Stay tuned for updates!