Improved multiple displays management.

Screens for iOS version 4.9.17 is now available on the App Store. This version greatly improves how Screens manages multiple displays when connecting to a Mac. Most users will not see a difference but those who experienced cursor issues should now see an improvement although some adjustments may be required. Please keep reading for details!

While we were working on display management, we noticed two bugs on macOS:

Mirrored Displays

When displays are mirrored, Screens will now only show the source display as the other displays are redundant. We recommend to set the source display to be the built-in display of your Mac for better results. See System Preferences > Displays > Optimized for > Built-in display.

If you select an external display as the optimization source, there could be rendering issues or you could see an offset when moving the cursor. This is caused by an issue on macOS.

Main Display Placement

If you have 3 or more displays (including the built-in display) and previously experienced cursor movement issues, we also recommend to refrain from setting the main display at either ends because of an issue on macOS that could result in the cursor being stuck in one of the displays.

Go to System Preferences > Displays > Arrangement and move the menu bar to the middle display or one that works for you.

We’ll be contacting Apple regarding these issues shortly.

Thanks for using Screens!