An Unexpected April Fools Prank

If you are running Screens 4 on macOS 10.15.x, it is possible that the app will refuse to launch:

Code Signature Invalid!

The problem is that one of our signing certificate expired today. Normally, this would only prevent us to submit an update until we generate a new certificate but it seems like Apple changed the rules with macOS 10.15 where an app that contains an expired certificate may refuse to launch.

Ouch! This is less than ideal to say the least. Even if we would’ve issued a new binary with an updated certificate, a user that hasn’t launched their app in a while may end up with a broken app. We’re not sure if this was intended by Apple but if so, this is hurting not only developers but users as well.

Because of the situation, we have released Screens 4.7.4 today, which you can download here.

Users that obtained Screens via the Mac App Store are unaffected.

Update: if you’re running Screens 4.5.8 or earlier because your Mac is still running macOS 10.10 or 10.11, you will also need to redownload the app here.

We’re terribly sorry about the inconvenience. Please stay safe!