Screens 4.4 for iOS now available

Today, we are releasing the fourth feature update of our Screen Sharing/VNC app, Screens.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Haptic Feedback – Screens now provides feedback for all mouse gestures on devices that support that feature.
  • Disable Idle Timer – You can now disable the device idle timer if you wish for Screens to remain active while you’re occupied with other things.
  • Lock Display – When enabled, the remote display is set to fit the screen and zooming is disabled. Ideal for POS or similar use cases.
  • New support form – It is now easier and more convenient to send us feedback, bug reports, etc.
  • Save and Continue – New option in the authentication prompt to save your user credentials.
  • Improved Windows clipboard support – Screens will now paste the sent content (text, URLs) instead of typing it.
  • Unified Display Selection – We now use the same display selection popover on both iPhone and iPad.

And some fixes:

  • Fixed multiple displays cursor issues, where the cursor would refuse to move.
  • Fixed issues with Spanish ISO keyboard.
  • Many bug fixes and stability improvements all over the app.

Screens 4.4 is available on the App Store now!

Next step: Screens 4 for macOS

We are pretty close to release (finally!) the fourth instalment of Screens on the Mac. We are so excited and cannot wait to see what you think of this new version. It’s awesome!

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