Screens 4 in-depth: Curtain Mode

This post is part of a series that elaborates on new features available in Screens 4 for iOS.

Ever wanted your actions to be hidden from the end user or people just passing by your remote Mac?

Introducing Curtain Mode


With Curtain Mode enabled, the local user’s view of the desktop is hidden. You can still view and have full control of the remote system’s desktop, but no one else will be able to see what’s happening.


This feature is perfect for those connecting to their work computer or managing systems that have public displays, such as in museums or kiosks.

Enabling Curtain Mode

You can enable this feature from your saved screen settings, under More Settings or on the fly via the App Actions toolbar.

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Additionally, Screens lets you customize the message displayed on your Mac!


Screens 4 for iOS is available on the App Store.

1 Curtain Mode is part of OS X so it is not available on other platforms.