Announcing Screens 3 for Mac

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Screens 3 for Mac

Available Tuesday, April 15th, 2014


We’re very happy to announce that Screens 3 for Mac has just been approved by Apple and that it will be available next Tuesday.

New Look And Feel

Screens 3 was rebuilt from the ground up and many months were spent refining the user interface to take advantage of everything OS X 10.9 Mavericks offers.

New interface

The result is an app that is very polished, powerful, stable and fun to use. We’re convinced that current Screens 2 users will really appreciate this new version!

Some Great New Features

Faster than ever!

Our new VNC engine is much faster and reliable than its predecessor. You’ll see the difference right away!

One client to rule them all!

Make Screens your default VNC/Screen Sharing client on OS X and share a screen directly from Finder or any supported URL schemes.

One click away

Access recent connections and discovered computers through Screens’ icon in the system menu bar.

Recent items

Start a recent connection without having to launch Screens first. All recent connections are now available from Screens’ dock icon.

Quickly Connect to Nearby Computers

Initiate a single-shot connection to a nearby Mac, Windows or Linux PC without having to create a new screen.

Keyboard shortcut mappings

Screens lets you configure system keyboard shortcuts (⌘-Tab, Spaces, Mission Control, etc.) so they don’t interfere with the rest of your running apps.

Improved pasteboard support

Send text back to your computer and receive text, images and URLs from it through the pasteboard.

On Disconnect Actions

Screens can execute special commands before it disconnects from your computer. Execute one of them Hot Corners or get the remote user to log out.

True display selection

Version 3 can now select a particular display if your remote Mac has more than one attached, just like its iOS counterpart.

Details, details, details

We’ve spent countless hours polishing Screens to make sure that we delight our users with all the small details.


Screens 3 for Mac will be available Tuesday, April 15th, for US $34.99 on the Mac App Store and for the first time, directly from us through the Edovia Store.

Current users will be able to upgrade for free as long as their Mac is running OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later.

A trial version (all features available but limited to 10 successful connections) will also be available on our website.

Note: iCloud is only available on the Mac App Store version.

You’ll find more information on the product page.

Check Out Our New Website!

While we were busy working on Screens, Neale and Thomas were hard at work designing our new website!