Screens 3.2 Now Available

Screens 3.2 is now out and has some great new features:

##Trackpad Mode##

You can now control your remote computer like you would be using a trackpad. By default, Screens relies on touch-based gestures (like Mobile Safari). While we prefer that interaction mode, this feature was constantly requested by our users and we finally found a way to make it work properly.

The result is super smooth. Even when the remote display is zoomed in, Screens will nicely pan the display so you don’t lose track.

To enable Trackpad mode, go in the app settings and enable Trackpad Mode:

Trackpad mode setting

Version 3.2.1, which has just been submitted to Apple, will let you switch between Trackpad and Touch modes on the fly while you’re connected to a remote computer:


Update: this feature has been postponed to a later version.

You can learn more about the new Trackpad Mode in the updated User Guide.

##iCloud Keychain support##

Screens can now share your passwords between all your devices automatically. Yay!

##Other improvements##

  • Manage your Screens Connect records from the app.
  • Dvorak hardware keyboard support, if that’s your thing.
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Russian and Swedish localization.
  • Many bug fixes, improvements and optimizations.


##Try Screens from your browser!##

App Store trials have now become a reality! Thanks to, you can now give Screens a test drive at in order to have a idea of how the app operates.


Aside from a few small changes here and there, this is a fully operational version that is surprisingly fast. surely provides a great way for developers to introduce their app to those who prefer to try before they buy.

##Screens 3 for Mac will hit beta soon##

Just a side note to let you know that Screens 3 for Mac is still alive and well. We’ll be entering in private beta soon and should hopefully be available this spring. Screens 3 for Mac is a complete rewrite that brings many new features and truly uses the potential OS X Mavericks offers. Moreover, version 3 will be offered as a free upgrade to current Screens 2 for Mac users!

Screens 3.2 of iOS is available on the App Store for $19.99 US

Product page

App Store link