Easter Egg Inside!


We started working on our VNC client back in 2008, right after shipping our first two iOS apps on the App Store. At that time, we felt like the iPhone wasn’t a great way to interact with your computer so we ended up putting the project on hold.

In the meantime, we released TouchPad and NumPad, which are basically blind VNC clients.

Then, in January 2010, Apple announced the iPad. That changed everything.

Anyway, back to 2008. There was an open-source project called Chicken of the VNC that was turned out to be very helpful to us and taught us the basics of how the RFB protocol worked, which VNC is based on.

I had the pleasure to meet Jason Harris, creator of cotvnc, in 2011 during NSConference and consider him a friend. He’s a great guy and wanted to honor him in some way so I injected an easter egg into Screens 3.1.

There are plenty of clues into this post for you to find how to trigger the cotvnc easter egg. Happy hunting!