Screens 3.1 Now Available

As soon as we submitted Screens 3 to the App Store last month, we started working on version 3.1, which has just got approved by Apple.

This major update brings many new features and improvements that we’re sure you’ll love!

##Full Bluetooth Keyboard Support##

Well, almost. iOS 7 has introduced an official (and more importantly, supported) way to interact with a physical keyboard.

Every possible key combo known to man should work. The only things missing are:

• Function keys (F1 … F12) are not supported.
• You are required to tap on the Keyboard button in Screens’ toolbar to use your hardware keyboard.

Screens will turn the Keyboard button to a solid purple to let you know that your keyboard is enabled:

Hardware keyboard indicator

##Search Through your Saved Screens##

It’s now possible to search through your saved screens:

IPad search S3 1

We had to, however, move the Settings button on the iPhone to the Nearby and Remote Computers view:

New settings iPhone

##AirPlay Mirroring##

Not a “new” feature per se, but Screens 3.1 brings a much better experience than Screens 2 offered and so is the performance.

Tv mirroring

##Hot Corners Support##

This has been a recurrent request since… ever! But here they are and they’re working great!

To enable hot corners on your Mac, go to System Preferences → Desktop & Screen Saver → Hot Corners:

Hot corners

To trigger a hot corner, simply swipe from a corner, starting from the edge of the device display:

Edge swipe hotcorners 2x

##On Disconnect Actions##

Speaking of Hot Corners, you can now specify an action to trigger right before disconnecting from a computer:

On disconnect action setting

You can set Screens to perform these actions:

• Trigger a Hot Corner.
• Log Out the current user on your computer.
• Send a Ctrl-Alt-Del command if that’s your thing.

Personally, I’ve set the Top-Left Hot Corner to “Put Display to Sleep” so that I can turn my MacBook Pro display off when Screens disconnects.

##Improved Pasteboard Transfers##

It is now possible to cancel a transfer. Additionally, we now launch a separate Screen Sharing connection in the background just for those transfers. This has the advantage of letting you interact with the remote computer while the pasteboard transfer occurs.

We also made this feature much more reliable.

##Other Improvements##

• 64 bit support.
• Improved memory management.
• Use a custom image instead of a screenshot for your saved screens.
• Improved screen edge gestures when an app is running in fullscreen on your Mac.
• Added visual indicators for screen edge gestures.
• Fixed SSH key issue that couldn’t be imported from the pasteboard.
• Fixed background timeout for the app (max 3 minutes, set by iOS).
• Fixed Danish and Spanish keyboard mappings.
• Many bug fixes, optimizations and improvements.

##Get. Screens. Now.##

Screens is available for $19.99 on the App Store