Screens and Mavericks


##Screens for Mac##

Just a quick note to let you know that Screens for Mac 2.3.1 should work just fine on OS X 10.9 Mavericks and that we’re hard at work on its successor.

Icon 256x256

Earlier this year and up to this day, we were pretty busy with Screens for iOS, which took much more time than expected so we’re a little late on our release schedule for its Mac counterpart.

However, believe me when I say that the wait will definitely be worth it. Screens 3 for Mac is a brand new app, rebuilt from scratch and introduces a brand new interface and new functionalities.

Version 3, which will be a paid upgrade, should be released by the end of 2013.

Update: Screens 3 for Mac will require Mavericks.


##Screens 3 for iOS##

Screens for iOS is also fully compatible with Mavericks. On that note, Screens 3.1 has just been submitted to Apple and I’ll tell you more about it in the next few days.