Screens Connect 3 Now Available

Screens Connect

Just a quick post to let you know that we have released Screens Connect 3, which is required for some new Screens 3 features:

Improved Keyboard Support

Screens Connect 3 provides information about the current keyboard layout on your Mac so that Screens knows which keyboard mapping to use, even if the current keyboard on your device differs.

Improved Shortcut Gestures

Screens 3 uses the default shortcuts for:

  • Mission Control (⌃ ↑)
  • Show All Application Windows (⌃ ↓)
  • Spotlight
  • Move Left a Space (⌃ →)
  • Move Right a Space (⌃ ←)

However, we know that you may have different shortcuts for these commands and did not want to add a complex UI to the app when the solution was somewhere else. Screens Connect will now take care of synchronizing your keyboard shortcuts with Screens 3 every time you initiate a connection.

Screens 3 will work just fine without Screens Connect 3 but you will not have access to the new features.

Moreover, we may add more features through Screens Connect in the future so we highly suggest that you download and install our helper app, even if you do not intend to connect while you are away.


Macs running OS X Mountain Lion and up can download Screens Connect 3 here. If your Mac is running OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.8) or Lion, please download version 2.2 instead. Both versions have the same features, except that version 2.2 supports Garbage Collection while 3.0 does not.

Precision: Screens Connect 3 also supports Screens 2, although it will not add any extra features.

Screens 3 Available Tomorrow

Apple will be rolling out iOS 7 on September 18 along with all the apps that require iOS 7. So expect Screens 3 to become available some time tomorrow. Make sure to check our Twitter feed to know when the app hits the App Store.

Screens 2: EOL

Screens 2 is no longer available for sale but you can still find it through the Purchases section of the App Store app. We will continue to support the app for users that decide not to upgrade to Screens 3 but we will not update the app with features or bug fixes any longer.