Screens 3 and iOS 7

Screens3 waiting for review

With the iPhone event behind us, we can finally tell you about the upcoming update of our flagship product: Screens 3.

We started working on Screens 3 last year with a complete rewrite of our VNC/SSH engine, which is now bulletproof, much faster and a huge improvement over its last iteration. You will see the results right away when you start using Screens 3.

With all the rumors about iOS 7, we decided to spend the first half of 2013 planning the update instead of just jumping into coding; what features should we add, which ones should go away, what can be improved, etc. When Apple first announced iOS 7, we were glad we waited!

Then right after WWDC, we came back to Montréal with tons of ideas and energy and spent countless hours building our vision of what Screens 3 should be.

Upgrading to Screens 3

Screens 3 will be a paid upgrade and is completely separate from the old version. This means that Screens 2 will be removed from the App Store once Screens 3 is available.

If you choose not to upgrade, Screens 2 should work just fine on iOS 7 and you will be able to re-download it from the Purchases section of the App Store app.

Please note that we will no longer actively work on Screens 2 and will concentrate our resources on iOS 7 from now on.

Update: We forgot to mention that Screens 3 will seamlessly import all of your saved connections from Screens 2. Moreover, it plays along very well with Screens 2 for Mac, which will also receive a major update later this fall.


If all goes well, Screens 3 should be available on the same day as iOS 7, which is September 18, 2013. Join our mailing list to learn when Screens 3 will become available or follow us on Twitter.

We hope you will like what we’ve built for you!