Announcing Screens 4.2

Boy, how busy summer was! For Screens 4.2, we have focused on some new features and many improvements all around the app to make it even better to use. We hope you enjoy this new version and can’t wait to hear what you think!

Mobile Trackpad

This is a pretty cool feature. What if you could turn your iPhone into an external trackpad to control your computer’s cursor through Screens? Well, now you can! This is a neat addition to your iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard.


How does it work?

Once you’re connected to a computer on your iPad, Screens on your iPhone will display a “Start Mobile Trackpad” button.


Simply tap to connect to Screens on your iPad and you’re ready to use your iPhone as a trackpad!

Available as an In-App Purchase for $2.99

Dark Mode

Finally, some people would say! As you can tell from the screenshots in this blog post, we use this mode all the time and kinda regret not implementing it sooner.


Available as an In-App Purchase for only $0.99

About In-App Purchases

As you may know, Screens 4 was a free upgrade for all Screens 3 users. The app represents a big investment in time and effort to maintain and improve so we’re trying a new strategy: all new major features will now be offered as paid, optional components. We believe this is a fair way to ensure that we can keep improving the app and not having to go through the hell of creating a new app every major version and have our users pay again full price to upgrade.

Availability Indicator

See those colored dots in the previous screenshot? These now tell you if a computer is available locally or via Screens Connect.

  • Green: ready to go!
  • Yellow: may be available
  • Red: not available

Additionally, these indicators are also in use in the Screens Connect section of the app settings:


Tip: You can tap on a computer to see details about it (public IP address, port, etc.)

App Actions Selector

We added labels to the App Actions and Screens will now display these in a popover on both iPad and iPhone.


When the context grants it, Screens will also display a HUD view confirming an action:


Other Improvements

  • Screens now supports OpenGL ES 3, which improves rendering performance on 64bit devices.
  • Improved URL scheme to support password-less authentication.
  • Improved authentication with Linux and Raspberry Pi.
  • Shared clipboard preference will now stick when selected from the App Actions popover.
  • Screens will now automatically try to reconnect when the connection was lost.
  • Control mode preference will now stick when selected from App Actions.
  • Improved User Guide.
  • Many, many UI improvements, stability and performance improvements all around.

Screens 4.2 is available on the App Store for $19.99 and requires iOS 10.

Screens 4 for macOS

We are currently working on the next big update of our Mac version. It should be out early 2017 and will include all the new features introduced in Screens 4 for iOS. In the meantime, follow @edovia on Twitter for more information on the upcoming Beta and release date!

You can get Screens for macOS on the Mac App Store or through our Edovia Store.


Product page on

Screens for iOS on the App Store

Screens for macOS on Mac App Store

Screens for macOS on the Edovia Store