Announcing Screens 3.5 for iOS 8

We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of Screens 3.5 for iOS, right on time for the release of iOS 8! We’ve been hard at work since last June and we think what this new version brings will delight you!

So, What’s New?

Updated User Interface

With over a year of experience with iOS 7, we thought it was time to revisit Screens’ user interface. The result is a simpler, more refined environment.


We’ve also made the scrollable toolbar more detailed.


A cool new feature is the new Pull to Search. Just like you would in Springboard, simply swipe the list down to make the search field appear.


On your iPhone, you can now toggle between List view (as shown above) or Gallery view. List view should be welcomed by our users with many saved screens.


More Speed

Version 3.5 introduces support for Apple’s Screen Sharing Adaptive Quality, which increases speed drastically without compromising on image quality. Adaptive Quality is similar to the Progressive JPEG format, in which data is compressed in multiple passes of progressively higher detail. The result is a much more responsive interface.

By default, Adaptive Quality is only enabled for remote connections but can be set to be always enabled in the App settings. Adaptive Quality is only compatible with OS X.

Additionally, you can also reduce the scale of remote displays by 50%. The advantage of this feature is that the image is scaled down on the remote computer, which makes image transfers much faster. The only drawback is the lower image quality but this feature is particularly interesting for those that privilege speed over quality. This feature is available for OS X, Windows and Linux PCs.

Screen Sharing

Screens now supports session sharing. If you have more than a user on your Mac and you want to log as on of these users but share the current session’s screen, Screens can now send a Screen Sharing on your behalf.


Guest accounts are also supported:


Screens Express

Additionally to Screen Sharing support we’re introducing a new service called Screens Express. Have you ever had a friend or a relative asking you for help setting up their Mac? Well, now you can do it easily with Screens Express. Simply tell this person to go to so that he or she can download the free utility app and follow the very simple instruction. In most cases, these instructions will not be necessary.


Improved Clipboard Support

We’ve added a lot of clipboard patterns into our VNC engine so you can now send rich text and images from your iOS device to your Mac. Additionally, Screens can now synchronize your local and remote clipboards automatically.



Screens now support for the 1Password extension and lets you use Touch ID or your device’s passcode to unlock Screens.


For more information on Screens visit You can also get Screens on the App Store for $19.99.

Screens 3.5 is a free update to our current Screens 3 users.

Next: Screens 3.6 for iOS and Mac

There are a few features we were unfortunately not able to add into version 3.5 but we’re working on those right now. Screens 3.6 should be available for both platforms as soon as OS X 10.10 Yosemite is released by Apple. Of course, the updated Screens for Mac will also include all the new features and improvements Screens 3.5 for iOS brings and more!

Screens 3.6 for Mac will also introduce a new and improved UI and will require Yosemite.