Dropbox support is coming for Screens!


Just a quick note to let you know that we’re currently working on Screens 3.4 for iOS and Screens 3.1 for Mac.

These updates will mostly concentrate on adding Dropbox support for both apps. As you know, Screens 3 for Mac is also available outside of the Mac App Store. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow apps sold outside the Mac App Store to use iCloud so this means no ability to sync your data across your other computers and iOS devices.

We want offer our users that wish to buy Screens for Mac directly from us a way to sync their data and to those who prefer to use Dropbox instead of iCloud for some reason.

You can (hopefully!) expect these new versions in the coming weeks!

A side note about Screens Connect

We’re also working on a complete rewrite of Screens Connect, our helper Mac and Windows app that makes your computer accessible from anywhere.

While nothing much will change in version 3.3, we’re planning the future and want to make sure that we have a nice and solid foundation to rely on. We have some great new features that will be released later this year!

Screens Connect 3.3 should also be available around the same time as Screens 3.1 and 3.4.