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Updated: Fixing Mavericks Yosemite Connection Issues

Another year, another OS X major update that breaks Screen Sharing for some. Here’s how to fix it: Open System Preferences → Sharing. Disable Screen Sharing (or Remote Management). Disable Remote Login (if enabled). Go back to Security & Privacy → Firewall. Turn off the firewall. Restart your Mac. Once… Continue Reading


Updated: Yosemite and Default URL Handlers

Unfortunately, Apple is now blocking sandboxed apps to change the default handler for a particular URL scheme. This is why Screens is not able to set Screen Sharing back as the default handler. This change affects a whole bunch of apps that use to rely on this functionality. If you’ve… Continue Reading

Screens 3.5 for Mac Now Available*

* For those who bought directly from us. The Mac App Store version is still under review by Apple and we hope that it will be made available very soon. Apple has just approved Screens and is now available on the Mac App Store. YAY! What’s New? In a nutshell,… Continue Reading

The app that almost never happened

Screens Express could almost be considered an accident. A long-time requested feature from our Screens users has been the possibility to share a screen with another user. That was somewhat possible with Screens Connect 1.0, which used nicknames instead of a Screens ID and password, like version 2.0 and onward… Continue Reading

Announcing Screens 3.5 for iOS 8

We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of Screens 3.5 for iOS, right on time for the release of iOS 8! We’ve been hard at work since last June and we think what this new version brings will delight you! So, What’s New? Updated User Interface With over a year… Continue Reading

Telling stories through Screens

Tell Us Your Story This summer, we would like to showcase stories from our Screens users that would like to share their experience with others. During the past 4 years, we have heard from people using Screens in pretty amazing ways: Launch rendering tasks remotely for a TV network. Use… Continue Reading

New Screens Versions Available

We have just released two major releases of Screens, our Screen Sharing/VNC client. Here’s what’s new: Dropbox Support Screens will continue to use iCloud by default for saving your saved screens but now allows you to use Dropbox to synchronize them. Some of our users prefer to buy Screens for… Continue Reading

TouchPad and NumPad Updates

         Last December, we announced that BitBQ LLC acquired TouchPad and NumPad as we wanted to concentrate our resources on our Screens products. Well, there are some new exciting developments as today our friends at Martian Craft announced that they’ve acquired BitBQ, which means that TouchPad and NumPad are from… Continue Reading

Dropbox support is coming for Screens!

Just a quick note to let you know that we’re currently working on Screens 3.4 for iOS and Screens 3.1 for Mac. These updates will mostly concentrate on adding Dropbox support for both apps. As you know, Screens 3 for Mac is also available outside of the Mac App Store…. Continue Reading

Screens 3.3 is all about keyboards

We have just released Screens 3.3 for iOS. Aside from the usual stability improvements, we were finally able to improve our hardware keyboard support significantly. With version 3.3, you no longer need to tap on the Keyboard button to use your Bluetooth keyboard. Just start typing and Screens will detect… Continue Reading